Toronto Walk: The Six Points

The Lost Six Points is painted across the walls of Islington Village

Go West, Young Toronto Walkers!

For weeks I’ve been pushing to head west and explore a different little: the Islington Village (also known as Six Points).  A few weeks ago, I hopped off at Islington to head to the heart of Mississauga on the MiWay, and gawked at the history around me.

Islington Village is perhaps best known for its painted murals, a series that I saw while driving out to visit my sister. This project of some of the best murals in the city, known as the Islington Mosaic, was put forward by the Village of Islington Business Improvement Area (BIA), he Heritage Etobicoke Foundation and Toronto Economic Development to respond to the community’s growth while promoting a passion for, and respect of the vibrant history of Six Points.

Sites We’re Looking to see: 

  • The historic Montgomery’s Inn, (no, not Montgomery’s Tavern). Now a community museum, this former inn was a Loyalist stronghold, now it hosts farmers markets.
  • Governor’s Road (now Dundas Street West) which first existed as an indigenous trail known as “The Way of the Warrior” stretching from Hamilton (Dundas) into Toronto. This was the first road in the Province of Upper Canada, and was commenced by Governor Simcoe in 1793. It was cleared by the early settlers and built by the soldiers as a military road.
  • Thomas Riley Park—named after Etobicoke’s former commissioner of parks and recreation.
  • The Murals. We’ll do our best to cover as much ground as possible, but this city of murals will take more than one afternoon to cover.

Today, I’m watching the Heritage Toronto’s iTour, and downloading it to my phone to help guide us through the history. Hopefully, it will also address the Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration and the future impacts.

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