Torottawalk/Jane’s Walk Mashup! (200 Years at Yonge & Lawrence)

A last minute change up in our schedule, dear walkers. Initially we were going to get mashed up with the lovely @roundraglandroad as she walked us through history in Corktown.

Then: the power went out last night.

Cue a nice long sleeping in, followed by the slow realization that we missed our chance.

Now: Torottawalk will link up with another Jane’s Walk, hopefully learning new things about guided walking tours to improve how we run ours! So after much consideration, we landed on this:

200 Years at Yonge & Lawrence

A local history columnist Gary Schlee is guiding us through experiencing the area in 1813, 1913 and 2013.

Visualize the area when it was dominated by trees and a few pioneer settlers clearing land on their 200-acre farms.Visualize the area when the first two-storey storefront strips  were being built.See the vibrant thoroughfare today and learn about some of the stories it has to tell.

This Jane’s Walk is being sponsored by the Yonge Lawrence Village BIA (Business Improvement Area) and the Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre.

Gary Schlee is a former communications professor and journalist with an interest in local history. For 10 years, he wrote The Story Of A Community, a column about the Bedford Park neighbourhood at Yonge and Lawrence. It appeared in Community Life, a neighbourhood paper distributed by Fairlawn Avenue United Church. Many of his columns can be found at


The above was ripped straight from Jane’s walk, and I’m excited to see this new area!


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