Torottawalk (4:00 Dundas Street)

Along Dundas Street, stopping along for some drinks as we go!

Along Dundas Street, stopping along for some drinks as we go!

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Ah, St Patrick’s day.  For those of you with nothing left to prove in the realm of green beer and public shame, I’m sure the plan is to bolt the doors and nurse an imperial stout all day. Well, not for me! Today. in our Sunday best: Torottawalk takes Dundas.

For some great information about Dundas Street and why it’s a historical gold mine: check out this article in BlogTO. Today, we’re chugging along the old Highway 5,  the TTC’s 505 Dundas streetcar route, and exploring the space between Riverdale and the Junction.

Built as a military road, Torottawalk will take military precision in our Dundas Street exploration, keeping a fair distance from both the lake (and the ancient threat of war) and the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. In working through this one street (once more than fifteen separate streets) We’ll also be working through some of the local pubs and bars.

Possible stops Include:

So come along, wear your walkin’ shoes and take some pictures with us!

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