Torottawalk: Trinity Bellwoods Park & Area ( Sunday @ 1:00)

New Trin instead of Old Trin

New Trin instead of Old Trin

This week, we head to Trinity Bellwoods, one of my favourite parks in the city. Named for Trinity College, one of the colleges that now make up the University of Toronto, the college which was built in 1852 and stood at the centre of the park and remained there for just over 100 years. Today the only remaining artifacts of the school are its restored gates at the south end of the park. The area has gone through so many historical changes – from WASP holy land, to new immigrant settling point, from creek to toboggan-site – and I’m excited to visit a place I’ve been to so many times with the view to just: look at it.

I’m not sure the route we’re taking today, but I know we’ll be walking over Garrison Creek and the former Crawford Street Bridge, which once ran over it – because we have to walk by the “dog bowl”. I know we’ll be on the spot where Shaw defended Toronto during the War of 1812 – because we’ll be near Queen, and I’m sure we’ll track down the 200 year old Bitternut Hickory tree, one of the oldest trees in Toronto. For more research read this Jane’s Walk and the Friends of Trinity Bellwood’s page.

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