Torottawalk: Brickworks (Sunday at 12:30)

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Don’t like the destination? Follow this route where ever you are and explore your surroundings.

Getting back into the swing of exploring the city of Toronto, in this week’s installment we’re headed to the Brickworks by this route.

Starting out at Castle Frank station, we’ll head North towards Craigleigh Gardens, a quick jot West will take us out of the residential neighborhood of Rosedale and on to the Milkman’s Lane. This over-130 year old lane is a bike highway and hiker’s delight today, but was apparently well used in days long past by equestrians and for transportation of commercial goods. It recently went through a revitalization, and so I’ll do my best to stick to the path to keep the underbrush in good condition.

From there, we’ll head to the Beltline trail. Constructed as an 1890s commuter steam railway line that circled the City looping from Union Station up through North Toronto, the Beltline is a going through restoration right friggin now – with requests for stakeholders to weigh in on their concerns.  We’ve been told that since The Beltline trail was originally designed in segments, it’s easy to lose your way and be forced to deal with poor road crossing areas.

The Beltline feeds us right into Evergreen Brickworks, and with a start time of 12:30 – 1:00 tomorrow, I’m hoping to make it onto the Brickworks space in time to take part in some of their calendar events, I’m especially interested in the Tastings at Evergreen Garden MarketSite Tours and the chance to get some of my garden going with their retail store.

The whole walk, at a brisk pace – with plenty of picture taking – should be under 30 min!

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